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Energy Unit Conversion

Convert SI, US and Imperial Acceleration Units

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From BTU/min To kcal/min
From BTU/min To kcal/sec
From BTU/min To ft-lbs/min
From BTU/min To ft-lbs/sec
From BTU/min To hp
From BTU/min To hp-metric
From BTU/min To joules/sec
From BTU/min To kW
From BTU/min To W
From BTU/min To watt-hours
From kcal/min To BTU/min
From kcal/min To kcal/sec
From kcal/min To ft-lbs/min
From kcal/min To ft-lbs/sec
From kcal/min To hp
From kcal/min To hp-metric
From kcal/min To joules/sec
From kcal/min To kW
From kcal/min To W
From kcal/min To watt-hours
From kcal/sec To BTU/min
From kcal/sec To kcal/min
From kcal/sec To ft-lbs/min
From kcal/sec To ft-lbs/sec
From kcal/sec To hp
From kcal/sec To hp-metric
From kcal/sec To joules/sec
From kcal/sec To kW
From kcal/sec To W
From kcal/sec To watt-hours
From ft-lbs/min To BTU/min
From ft-lbs/min To kcal/min
From ft-lbs/min To kcal/sec
From ft-lbs/min To ft-lbs/sec
From ft-lbs/min To hp
From ft-lbs/min To hp-metric
From ft-lbs/min To joules/sec
From ft-lbs/min To kW
From ft-lbs/min To W
From ft-lbs/min To watt-hours
From ft-lbs/sec To BTU/min
From ft-lbs/sec To kcal/min
From ft-lbs/sec To kcal/sec
From ft-lbs/sec To ft-lbs/min
From ft-lbs/sec To hp
From ft-lbs/sec To hp-metric
From ft-lbs/sec To joules/sec
From ft-lbs/sec To kW
From ft-lbs/sec To W
From ft-lbs/sec To watt-hours
From hp To BTU/min
From hp To kcal/min
From hp To kcal/sec
From hp To ft-lbs/min
From hp To ft-lbs/sec
From hp To hp-metric
From hp To joules/sec
From hp To kW
From hp To W
From hp To watt-hours
From hp-metric To BTU/min
From hp-metric To kcal/min
From hp-metric To kcal/sec
From hp-metric To ft-lbs/min
From hp-metric To ft-lbs/sec
From hp-metric To hp
From hp-metric To joules/sec
From hp-metric To kW
From hp-metric To W
From hp-metric To watt-hours
From joules/sec To BTU/min
From joules/sec To kcal/min
From joules/sec To kcal/sec
From joules/sec To ft-lbs/min
From joules/sec To ft-lbs/sec
From joules/sec To hp
From joules/sec To hp-metric
From joules/sec To kW
From joules/sec To W
From joules/sec To watt-hours
From kW To BTU/min
From kW To kcal/min
From kW To kcal/sec
From kW To ft-lbs/min
From kW To ft-lbs/sec
From kW To hp
From kW To hp-metric
From kW To joules/sec
From kW To W
From kW To watt-hours
From W To BTU/min
From W To kcal/min
From W To kcal/sec
From W To ft-lbs/min
From W To ft-lbs/sec
From W To hp
From W To hp-metric
From W To joules/sec
From W To kW
From W To watt-hours
From watt-hours To BTU/min
From watt-hours To kcal/min
From watt-hours To kcal/sec
From watt-hours To ft-lbs/min
From watt-hours To ft-lbs/sec
From watt-hours To hp
From watt-hours To hp-metric
From watt-hours To joules/sec
From watt-hours To kW
From watt-hours To W