Invar Alloy 32-5 (Cold Drawn)

Material Properties for Invar Alloy 32-5 (Cold Drawn)

Physical specifications of materials.

Materials Invar
  Description Alloy 32-5 (Cold Drawn)
Density g/cc 8.14
  lb/in^3 0.294
Hardness Brinell unless specified 135
Tensile Strength ultimate Mpa 483
  Ksi 70.035
Yield Strength MPa 276
  Ksi 40.02
Modulus of Elasticity Gpa 145
  10^6 Psi 21.01449272
Poisson’s Ratio   0.23
%Elongation at break 40
%Reduction of area
Izod Impact J
Fracture Toughness Mpa(m)^0.5
Thermal conductivity W/m-K
Specific Heat Cpacity J/g-K
Coefficient of thermal expansion 1E-6/K 0.194
  1E-6/F 0.107939849538
Electrical Resistivity Ohm-cm 0.00008